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Currently, I'm a stay-at-home mum to an inquisitive and often rambunctious three year old girl and her sunny little brother. In a former life, I was a lawyer. I know which I prefer. On the odd occasion that I get some downtime, I knit, crochet, read, sew, sing badly, dance even more so, enjoy a glass of wine and watch bad TV, sometimes in varying combinations of the foregoing and not necessarily in that order of preference.

Monday 14 January 2013

One year on.

Well, blogging turned out to be not quite as easy as I hoped.  Despite good intentions and numerous half-composed posts that rumble round in my head and get me very enthusiastic about the whole endeavour, getting them out of my head and into a computer still proves to be a stumbling block.

Oh well, no point crying over spilt milk or unwritten blog posts.  Neither are messily important in the grand scheme of things and I'm trying really hard to accept that I fit in what I have the time and energy for but, with so many competing interests, I'm never going to have time for everything so I shouldn't beat myself up about what falls by the wayside from time to time.

Blogging stalled completely in May as I had a really busy month, planning and running the Spring Fair for the parents network that I chair.  It was worth all the effort though as we had over 1000 people attend and ended up raising £1300 for a very worthy local charity, as well as signing up loads of new members to the group.  Lots of late nights caught up with me though and I was pretty sick at the end of the month.

Then in June we discovered that I wasn't sick at all but pregnant and June and July slipped away in a fog of morning sickness and exhaustion punctuated by a couple of scary "maybe we're losing the baby" moments.  Thankfully, all turned out to be well and I'm currently stretching my arms round my ever-growing baby bump to type this and wondering how it can really only be 5 weeks until my due date.

August was all about Summer Fun, both organising events for the parents' network and heading off for a week in the sun at the end of the month (a very lazy holiday in that we didn't actually leave our hotel other than to wander along the beach at the end of the street or to pop to the supermarket so I have absolutely no view of the wonders or otherwise of Menorca - all I know is that the sun shone every day and our daughter loved the pool).  The rest of the year then passed by in a blur but definitely featured a 2nd birthday party (how can she be 2 already), a Hallowe'en party, a hastily put together but largely successful Christmas Fair, a big round of Christmas parties for the parents' network and, of course, our own very lovely family Christmas.

And now, here we are, already two weeks in to 2013.  We are no more than 6 weeks away from meeting our newest addition to the family and possibly quite a bit less.  Nothing is organised, and who knows if it will be by the time he or she arrives.  I have a very full and happy life, one that I would love to tell you about, and hope to throughout the year, but if I do disappear again, know it is because we're so busy living it, I can't always fit in the time to write about it the way that I want to.

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